About Queerly Reads

Queerly Reads is a cozy corner of the internet dedicated to word-based queer stories. This definition leaves room for stories catered to all ages, about all types of identities, sweeping across all genres. 

Hannah (that's me) started this site after leaving Brooklyn, New York and her favorite neighborhood bookstore, Greenlight Books. At Greenlight, fiction books are lumped together regardless of genre, and the average reader can find scifi and classics sitting right beside each other.

Queerly Reads embraces that kind of nondiscriminatory celebration of books—but here, everything we review is queer.

About the Readers



Hannah lives in Japan and is currently working on a contemporary queer romance. She has neither a cat nor a librarian wife, but she remains optimistic.



Giorgi Plys-Garzotto is a Chicago native and aspiring television writer; ze works as a freelance writer in Brooklyn. Giorgi's short film Won’t Somebody Think of the Children?! has been in the official selection for 18 film festivals to date, and has won 6 awards. It was recently screened at Anthology Film Archives as part of NewFilmmakers NewYork. Zir writing has appeared on Bustle, Thought Catalog, FF2 Media, and The Female Gaze, and zir short story "The Five Best Places To Wash Your Face On NYU's Campus: An OCD Student's Guide" was published in Pif Magazine's March Issue.



Tel is an eternal student, a writing nerd, an indifferent violist, an avid knitting novice, and a gay trans man. He graduated from Sarah Lawrence College in 2015 with a Bachelor's Degree in Liberal Arts. He recently relocated to Japan, and is working as an assistant English teacher in the Osaka area. 

Hannah D


Hannah has her MLIS and works at a library in Florida. Yes, she does normally wear glasses, oversized cardigans, has two cats, and is always in middle of at least five books. She is aware of the cliché. Hannah is ace, rarely romantic, and, if off her coping game, has crippling social anxiety. 


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