Hi-Fi Fight Club Vol. 1-2

Hi-Fi Fight Club Vol. 1-2


Carly Usdin, Nina Vakueva
Graphic Novel / Young Adult
5 Stars


Chris has just started a new job at Vinyl Mayhem, the local record store, and she’s surrounded by cool and pretty ladies who know their music. When the lead singer of their favorite band goes missing, the Vinyl Mayhem staff have to reveal their secret to Chris: They’re not just a record shop – they’re members of an all-girl fight club!

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Hi-Fi Fight Club is the lesbian story of my dreams. It completely disregards the idea that women lack that cool "It" factor that men have – the walking-away-from-explosions, James Bond tuxedo kind of cool.* And it does so with 90s nostalgia! In full color!

I grew up queer in 90s/00s New Jersey, hanging out at the local record store, so maybe this comic has extra pull for me, but I doubt it. Who wouldn’t want to read about ladies solving mysteries and destroying patriarchy together?

The Art

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Vakueva’s art is absolutely gorgeous. The character designs are cute and detailed without being bogged down by hyperrealism, reflecting the story’s light and flirty tone. I love the little visual details that cue you into the setting, from Chris answering calls from her hallway wall phone to the classic Jersey diners. The colorist is Rebecca Nalty, who will also be coloring C.S. Pacat’s upcoming m/m sports manga Fences.

The Story

I was very excited when I first discovered  Hi-Fi Fight Club.

I was very excited when I first discovered Hi-Fi Fight Club.

The first volume focuses on developing the ladies of the Hi-Fi Fight Club. The mystery of the missing singer Rory Gory takes place in the background, while Chris’s insecurities and her crush on co-worker Maggie take the forefront. In volume 2, however, the plot thickens, and the killer cliffhanger made me preorder volume 3, out October 25!

*None of these things are actually in the story, but you get my point. Maybe.

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