Show Libra Season 2019 Some Love! Your September / October Astrology Guide

Show Libra Season 2019 Some Love! Your September / October Astrology Guide

Anyone with air energy in their charts is going to be amorous now that Libra is making everyone re-download all the dating apps they deleted during Virgo season. Your mental energy is going to be in perfect harmony in the creative sign of the scales, so brainstorm your little hearts out! Fire signs will have a good time in this autumn breeze too, since the mental energy Libra brings to the table acts as fuel for their passion and willpower. New ideas and relationships are going to be everywhere this season, though committing to them might be another story. Libra is a flirt, but this sign is also a notorious flake!

Water signs will find Libra’s energy as unstable as most air signs are, so avoid investing emotionally or you might find out too late that it was just a fling to the other person. Finally, earth signs might find that Libra is all talk and no action, so this month might be annoying to you. You could try to make plans and find the air and fire signs have all flaked to do something more exciting, and nailing down business agreements might be exhausting. However, if you’re stuck in a rut and need a breath of fresh air, Libra can help you find a new balance!

Either way, dating is going to be on everyone’s minds from 9/23 to 10/23, though that’s not the only way Libra is centering relationships right now! You can also spend Libra season putting time into your relationships with your family and friends, or turn that Libra energy back on yourself and take yourself out on a date (preferably while blasting Lizzo’s “Soulmate”). Bottom line, this time is about balancing your emotional checkbook, so make sure your giving and taking are equal this month!

New Moon, New Love

The new moon in Libra is on a Saturday, 9/28 to be exact, which makes it a great night for a first date! During the new moon, the sun, moon, Mercury, and Venus will be in Libra, making relationships the first thing on everyone’s minds. This doesn't have to be romantic though! If you have a Libra friend with a birthday this season, you can show them just as much love as you would a romantic partner. After all, the flip side of Libra season is that it's important not to dive into a relationship for its own sake.

The new moon is all about potential for beginnings, but keep in mind that Libra’s energy can be unfocused, and a little imprudent. You could put those new moon vibes into yet another fuckboy, or you could make this the year you give your energy to more fulfilling parts of your life instead. Libra is one of the signs with the most love to give, so give that love to someone who will give it right back!

Scorpio Rising

While Libra starts the month out with sweet and sentimental romance, Mercury and Venus shift into Scorpio on 10/3 and 10/8, respectively. You might find this to be the perfect time to introduce your new autumn fling to the weirder, darker stuff about you, especially (do I even need to say it?) in bed. The Scorpio energy will get stronger and stronger as the sun moves toward Halloween territory, with the sun joining Mercury and Venus in Scorpio on 10/23. Libra’s energy gains some stability when Scorpio’s around to focus it, though the diplomacy Libra has to offer definitely takes a hit when Scorpio takes out its stinger!

Full Moon Free For All

The Aries-Libra opposition axis can be boiled down to war and peace—Aries is direct and honest, bringing open communication to relationships, while Libra is better at situations where tiptoeing around an issue is the better solution. Aries might be callous and brash, but Libra is no better with its passive-aggression and aversion to conflict! With the moon, the planet of our emotions, in Aries, we’ll be more likely to take the initiative in our relationships, though the sun will counter that with an impulse to let our partner take the lead. If you tend not to take up enough space in your relationships, this could be a good time to make your stand. 

This will be compounded by the new Scorpio energy Mercury and Venus are introducing into the emotional mix the week of the full moon. Scorpio is ruled by Mars, which is the planet of war and the patron planet of Aries as well! On the other hand, plotting is a Scorpio’s guilty pleasure. This leaves it slightly up in the air which side of the Aries-Libra opposition the scorpion will land on—and I have a hunch that it may end up playing both sides.

Stability In The Outer Planets

While Libra is stirring things up with new beginnings, the outer planets are bringing you some calmer, more meditative energy that will see you through to the end of the year. Even if Libra season has some surface-level chaos in store for you, you can plug into the vibes from these planets for a more lasting sense of direction!

While the planet of aggression and motivation is in Virgo, at least part of your mind is still going to be in work mode after Virgo season ends. Mars stays in dependable, competent Virgo until 10/5, meaning you can keep on top of your commitments at work, and put in the effort that whimsical Libra might conveniently forget about in its relationships. After all, Libra’s here for the romance, but Virgo embodies the unsexy day-to-day routines that make up the fabric of all relationships that last. If you're not that compatible with air sign energy, keep in touch with this Mars transit to ground yourself!

Jupiter is in Sagittarius, which is exactly where it likes to be! The planet of good luck is right at home in the happy-go-lucky archer sign, so all the new relationships and creative projects Libra is bringing us will be showered in Jupiter’s mojo. Liberated, adventurous Sagittarius can also give us all a helpful reminder not to give up our freedom in a relationship too soon. Libra might be pushing you toward codependence, since the scales isn't a fan of being alone, but the archer can remind you of everything you want to do by yourself before you settle down!

We enter Libra season having just finished up a Saturn retrograde, so we might notice things picking up at work even as our social life is getting more active! Saturn has had us on time out for the summer to think about what we really want and what courses of action are really going to give it to us, so now that we have a better idea we might find things are coming easier to us in terms of income and career matters. Now that the pressure’s off, you can focus on your relationships without being stressed about rent!

Uranus and Neptune are both in retrograde, with the supportive sextile aspect between their positions putting their transits in conversation. The Uranus retrograde in Taurus makes us think about what paradigm shifts we might have to make in our lives to give this bull sign the stability it craves. Taurus wants wealth and luxury, so for the next few months you may find yourself figuring out your five year plan in more detail. Meanwhile, Neptune is in retrograde in Pisces, giving us more access to our intuition and spiritual selves. While you lay the ground for your success in the material world, you might also be on a journey of self-discovery in a much higher sense as well. While this isn’t one of the strongest or most exact aspects going on this month, you can use these energies to feel more in touch with yourself when Libra is focusing on others.

Pluto has been in retrograde in Capricorn, prompting us to think about what transformative changes we want to make in the area of our ambitions. You might find that the plan you had laid out for yourself isn’t actually going to give you what you wanted at all, and set about finding a new set of goals. Capricorn’s grounding energy will help you find not just a new objective, but also a strong new agenda to get you there!

Important Transits — Mark Your Calendar!

October 13th could shake up your love life as Venus in Scorpio comes into opposition with Uranus in Taurus. The planet of revolutionary change is in retrograde right now, in the steadfast and practically minded bull sign—if you’re vibing with this transit, you’ve probably been laying the foundations for better financial stability, and possibly linking that stability to your ability to make change in the world around you. Venus in passionate, chaotic Scorpio might shake up those plans, so if a fling this autumn makes you want to leap before you look you might want to run it by Taurus first. If you have placements in Scorpio or Taurus you’ll feel this more than most!

Saturn in Capricorn and the South Node in Cancer are going to come into opposition on 9/27, and it could give you some serious revelations when it comes to your life path. The south node handles karma and your purpose in this lifetime, while Saturn in its role as the celestial disciplinarian is also the planet of karma. The South Node could reveal something to you about your true calling, though Saturn’s practical business sense might not want you to follow your heart on that one. You could also get a great opportunity that just doesn’t mesh with what you know you need to be doing. The goal of any opposition is to reconcile the energies between the two planets and find a balanced path, so Libra season is as good a time to handle this kind of astrological earthquake! 

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