HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO TENACITY (and other Scorpios, we guess) -- Your Guide To Scorpio Season

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO TENACITY (and other Scorpios, we guess) -- Your Guide To Scorpio Season

Welcome to our special Tenacity's Birthday edition of our monthly horoscope forecast! As our editor-in-chief shamelessly celebrates zirself, you'll be trick-or-treated to a rundown of everything Ten loves about being that most elusive and misunderstood of creatures, a Scorpio. You'll also learn what to expect as we move into Tenacity's home turf, that spooky and sexy month known as Scorpio Season! 

Tenacity: So Tenacity, what would you say are the best and worst traits of Scorpios--and Scorpio season?

Tenacity: That's a great question, Tenacity. I'd say what I love best about myself is my passion; Scorpios are by far one of the most intensely motivated and caring signs in the zodiac. Whether I'm hustling at work out of pure spite toward the world that wants to grind me down or just pouring all my extremely high-maintenance love into my friends, to be a Scorpio is to be on fire. This is also one of the pitfalls of our sign--we can be intense in a bad way just as easily as we can be intense in a good way. When I think of a wronged Scorpio, I think of that Carrie Underwood song "Before He Cheats," or every Drake song.

T: Our fellow scorpion certainly does get in his feelings like only we can! And what does that mean for those gentler souls about to be stirred up by our passions during Scorpio season?

T: Hold onto your dang hats. Whether you're a Pisces, with our level of emotions but without our darker side, or an Aquarius, who would be totally unprepared for the feels we're packing, the other signs are going to be thrown off balance by the intensity brought into their lives by Scorpio season. I'd say to them: try dealing with it all year 'round!

T: Haha! You're a card! Now, let's talk moon phases. How will the Taurus full moon and the Scorpio new moon this month modulate those crazy Scorpio feelings?

T: Well, every moon phase is about the journey from the new moon to the full moon, and back again. The new moon represents potential, while the full moon is the energy of this cycle fully manifested. Basically what that means is that all us ambitious Scorpios can take advantage of this lunar rhythm to slay our goals this month--and for some of us, that could mean literal slaying! 

The new moon in Scorpio on October 28th will give you the opportunity to set your intention for the next month. The best Scorpio intentions tend to involve building personal power, unapologetically honest emotional connection, and liberation from any calcified systems holding you back from self-actualizing. Then after the new moon we'll see where that goal takes us as the moon moves through the signs toward, hem, Taurus.

T: Ah, Taurus. Love them or hate them, they never change.

T: Taurus is the only sign as stubborn as us; that's why they're our opposite sign! This unique bond between signs that fall six months apart in the zodiac creates some sexy friction that can be used to spark all kinds of new energies. When the sun in our sign comes into opposition with the moon in Taurus on November 12th, there's going to be a bit of a face-off, to put it lightly. And what I mean by that is, someone's face is probably going to come off. 

T: But that's the fun of that full-moon energy, right? 

T: Yes it is! As the sun and the moon are glaring daggers at each other across the sky on November 12th, we're going to be able to use the vibes that confrontation between opposites to push ourselves to the pinnacle of what we can do. Whatever goes down on this full moon is going to have to reconcile Taurus's stability with our sign's constant metamorphosis, Taurus's unbreakable defenses with Scorpio's unrelenting offensive, Taurus's lustful gluttony with Scorpio's gluttonous lust. Basically, Scorpio is an unstoppable force and Taurus is an immovable object. With this full moon, those two energies WHAM into each other, and we'll just have to see what happens!

T: Wowee! And while all this is happening with the moon, just what the heck are the other planets going to be doing? 

T: Well, on the subject of the full moon--the planet Uranus, which rules revolutionary change, is going to be conjunct the moon during this time! This full moon could change somebody's life if it hits them just right. With the planet of revolution opposing us in Taurus, we might find that we're being pushed to create more stability in our lives before we get back in the fight. Since Taurus is in retrograde, this will manifest as reflection on stability, that we can put into practice next month when Uranus goes direct.

In other planetary news, batten down the hatches for the Mercury retrograde starting on Halloween! With the planet of communications down on Halloween, the terrifying illusions won't just be confined to your local haunted house. You might find your social life is going crazy around this time, so make sure you can fight in your costume. Mercury in Scorpio generally means emotional communication and intense confrontations are the order of the day, as well as more subtle analysis of power structures. With Mercury in retrograde in this charged sign, there could be power struggles, or just pointless jockeying for status as people erroneously perceive power struggles where none exist. It's hard to figure out what's real and what's projection during this time, so try to stay centered and put off big decisions until you can get all the facts. The retrograde will end on November 20th, and Mercury will stay in Scorpio until December 10th!

T: What about the dating front? How is the sign of fatal attraction going to spice up our Halloween season?

T: Venus is in Scorpio until November 2nd, so we're going to be prone to obsession until then. Venus in Scorpio is a heavy energy that could be putting pressure on our relationships, though if you and your partner are in the right place you could also be reaching a new level of connection through this soul-baring aspect. Either way, things will lighten up when Venus enters Sagittarius on the 3rd! Venus will be conjuncting Jupiter in Sagittarius at this time, so if you've been waiting for a perfect moment to make a move you can't ask for anything better than that! Meanwhile, Mars in Libra will help even our tempers out a little, providing some much needed diplomacy for any feathers that get ruffled during Scorpio season. We just left Libra season, so this lingering influence from the sign of peace and love will help us make the transition into this radically different energy.

T: Before we let you go, give us a sense of what spooky career moves we can make this month?

T: Saturn and Pluto are both in Capricorn right now, which means we're all taking a lot of initiative this year! These two planets are also making a harmonious aspect to Scorpio, so there will be a lot of exchange between our intensely focused follow-through and the more "idea guy" approach Capricorns bring to the table. That, and good-luck Jupiter exalted in Sagittarius, could produce some exciting things to brag to your family about by Thanksgiving.

T: Well, we're just about out of time. I have to go get to the other billion and one things on my to-do list.

T: Don't we all. Well, I hope I've conveyed the fact that Scorpios are by far the best zodiac sign, and that this coming month is going to be the dopest.

T: I believe you have. Thank you so much, Tenacity; we know you have a busy schedule, so thank you for making the time.

T: My pleasure. Thank you.

T: No, thank you.

T: No, thank YOU!

T: Thank--

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