Get Down To Business This Virgo Season

Get Down To Business This Virgo Season

Welcome to Queerly’s first monthly astrology forecast, and the inaugural post of Queerly Stars! It’s always struck me as weird for astrologers to write forecasts for the months on the Gregorian calendar instead of the ones in the sky. For instance, if I wrote this forecast for September, I’d have to awkwardly straddle Virgo and Libra seasons. This way, I can give you your outlook for the month ruled by Virgo’s energy alone, and leave Libra for next month! 

I’ve also dispensed with separate forecasts for each sign, since your sun sign is far from the only information you need to know how you respond to Virgo energy. For instance, my Gemini rising might tell you that I’d feel bored and cooped up under the more serious and goal oriented energy of Virgo’s sign, and my Libra moon could tell you that I’ll feel socially understimulated in this introverted and emotionally unintelligent time of year, but I’m heavily Virgo dominant through my 6th house stellium, so I’m looking forward to tweaking my workflow for optimum productivity just as much as a Virgo sun! (Okay, maybe not that much.) To get the most out of this forecast, I recommend you look up your sun, moon, and rising at the very least, but you can also do/ get a more detailed analysis of your chart to see what your wider affinities would be with the different signs I’m going to be mentioning here. Knowing where your placements stand with regards to the houses is essential too! That's not to say you can’t get anything out of this forecast knowing only your sun sign, but this post is designed to dig deeper than that. 

Without further ado, let's make like a Virgo and get down to brass tacks!

Work, work, work, work work

Virgos are all about work—this is both their virtue, and their flaw. As far as virtue goes, a Virgo can be counted on to be the one partner in a group project who does all the work (honorable mention to Capricorns and Scorpios), and they know to get anywhere in life you have to work every day, not just the days you feel like it. If you need to buckle down on your workout regimen or organize your desk, this season will benefit you! The flaws of Virgo season might come out if you let work take over your life, to the point where you’re neglecting your loved ones and mental health. Virgos are prone to nerves and anxiety, since they’re pretty much the most stressed out sign around. 

Virgos are also all about serving others, so if you find yourself giving back this month that could be this sign’s influence. That’ll be especially true if you end up helping in a way that’s small but significant, or if you use logical means to accomplish an emotional goal. Virgos are all about the little things that really matter, so go the extra mile with something most people don’t notice this month and others will appreciate it with Virgo giving them a better eye for these things! You might not even need their appreciation though, because Virgos find service to be its own reward. 

If you're a Virgo, happy birthday! You're in your element this month. You'll also be getting a big boost out of Virgo season if you have Virgo placements in your chart, or a lot of placements in your 6th house. 

If much of your chart is earth signs, you’re also in for a good time! Capricorn and Taurus energy will flourish with Virgo’s detail oriented approach to work out any kinks in their plans. Earth signs supporting earth signs can’t fail to bring about some projects with staying power!

Water-dominant people can take some time to ground themselves this month after the firestorm of Leo season. With all the loud aggression of this fire sign, you might have felt like everything was too fast and too intense. With Virgo helping you put a damper on your emotional ups and downs, you’ll be able to get some distance from anything going on in your life right now, and put your energies into your career aspirations instead! 

One possible exception to that rule could be Pisces and Pisces dominant people—Virgo is Pisces’s opposite sign, meaning Pisces might have to work to get outside of its intuitive, idealistic approach right now. Virgo wants actionable to-do lists, while Pisces prefers to meditate on intangible ideas without coming up with anything to show for it except for ~experiences.~ Pisces can learn a lot about keeping their shit together this month, but there could be a steep learning curve!

Imaginative, idealistic air signs are going to feel grounded during this more practical season. This could be good or bad for you, depending on how much air and how much earth is in your chart. If your chart is mostly air, then the practical and sensible energy of Virgo season might be just what you need to make your planning more effective and your routines more supportive of your productivity. However, your more free-wheeling and fun-loving nature might get in the way of your attempts to buckle down on your work this month.

After the month-long party that was Leo season, fire signs aren’t going to be happy about being stuck in the office for Virgo season! Look at it this way, Aries, Sagittarius, and Leo—you can use Virgo season to get through some red tape at the office, so you can enjoy your dates during Libra season without anything hanging over your head. And if you really think about it, you might realize the benefits that a more solid, Virgo-influenced work ethic could bring you on the career front!

Mercury goes from diva to details

From the start of Virgo season on the 23rd through the new moon on the 30th, we’ll have Mercury in Leo putting the “me” in “communication.” There is no “me” in “communication,” but here's the thing: Leo doesn’t care! Leo inserts “me” into every situation lucky enough to be graced by its presence, meaning that in your relationships, self-expression, and artwork you’ll feel the high self-esteem of Leo season long into Virgo season! When Mercury shifts into Virgo on the 30th, it’ll join the sun, the new moon, Venus, and Mars for a two-day Virgo jackpot!

What does Mercury in Virgo mean? Well, that boost to your productivity you’re getting from the sun in Virgo will extend to your communication with this aspect! If you struggle to express yourself, this sign ruled by the planet Mercury will make you more eloquent this month, especially when it comes to detail-oriented or critical speech. You also might find that you’re more down to earth, thinking more before you speak, and using more logic than emotion to communicate. Depending on the energy of your chart, this will affect you in much the same way as the sun, but with the effects being concentrated into the area of communication.

New Moon in Work work work work work

On August 30th, we’re going to get access to both the subconscious intuition and creative energy of the moon, plus the logical applications and work ethic of a Virgo. The result can be basically anything we want, as long as we commit to following this energy through to the full moon in Pisces on September 12th (and beyond, of course!). This new moon is also going to be supercharged by the influence of three other planets that give us even more potential to squeeze out of this fertile lunar phase. Think of the dark moon as the soil in which you can plant a seed of Virgo energy to last you through the month and beyond. 

The aforementioned “Virgo jackpot” is going to make everything come up Virgo when we get the sun, moon, Mercury, Venus, and Mars all in this disciplined and giving sign at once! All this energy in Virgo’s part of the sky is going to light up your chart, though what part precisely will depend on what house Virgo falls in for you. For me, the 6th house will give a boost to my routines, both in terms of keeping up with old ones and making new ones! That’ll make it easier for me to get housework done and make my workday more productive, in addition to helping me visualize what habits I want to start in the coming month. For you, it could mean that you finally break a bad habit of avoiding the chore you hate most, go sober, or fix a small but frustrating pattern in your relationship. Virgo knows that both god and the devil are in the details, so this new moon holds up a magnifying glass to the smallest facets of every situation to sniff them out!

Autumn cleaning

The first two weeks of September will be the height of Virgo’s influence, kicked off by the super-conjunction at the new moon. Between the new moon on the 30th and the full moon on the 12th, new habits are going to be more fruitful and successful than ever, and your current ventures will experience an uptick as your productivity is boosted! The inner planets (the moon, Mercury, Venus, and Mars) are all going to be in Virgo, helping you bring this dutiful, helpful sign’s energy into all areas of your life. Meanwhile, the outer planets Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto will all be in retrograde in positions that give you a deeper reflective side to the changes you’re making right now.

Saturn is the ruler of discipline and long term success, so its retrograde might have been making it hard for you to achieve your goals this summer. The upside is that you might have been pushed by this hard aspect into a breakthrough that will make you even more successful in the long run. With this retrograde happening in Virgo’s ambitious fellow earth sign Capricorn, you might come up with ways to work smarter, not harder, with this transit drawing attention to the routines of yours that aren’t working. It might be hard work, but no one’s better at hard work than Virgo. Whatever hard lessons have come to you this summer, don’t shy away from putting them into practice right now.

Pluto joins Saturn in Capricorn, bringing a deeper emotional shift to your professional struggles under Saturn. You could find that the career change you needed is exactly what you needed for your personal well-being, too! Uranus retrograding in Taurus could also cause you to stumble upon a huge revolutionary change you need in your life, especially when it comes to the bull sign’s domain of economic stability. Then use that Virgo energy to make those changes! 

You know how they say the full moon makes you crazy? Yeah.

On the 12th, Pisces will come in with an emotional wake-up call to Virgo’s detail oriented earth energy. The thing is, while Virgo is great at taking care of the household budget, it can absolutely be the kind of partner who puts all their energy into keeping the grout in the shower pristine to the point of forgetting to ask how your day was. Virgo can also be the type to rearrange deck chairs on the Titanic while the ship as a whole sinks. 

When Virgo and Pisces come together, it can seem like robotic Virgo is trying to use logic to understand hippie Pisces’s emotional concerns, while maudlin Pisces can’t see the sense in practical Virgo’s no-nonsense plans due to clouded judgement. However, these two signs have more to learn from each other than from any other sign, so this full moon can help you to integrate these two sides of yourself.

This full moon could feel like a breath of fresh air to someone with a major Pisces or water sign placement, while earth signs are more likely to feel challenged by this transit. Fire signs and those with a lot of fire energy are likely to side with Pisces with their passionate motions, while air people will probably be on Virgo’s side with their appeal to the intellect to solve problems. Either way, you’ll need to reckon with something emotional that you’ve put on the back burner lately, or this issue could threaten to derail all your Virgo season success. 

Tensions leading into Libra season

Now when I say tensions, this doesn’t have to mean tensions. In fact, the robust oppositional connection between the Aries moon following the full moon in Pisces, and the planets in Libra following the super-conjunction in Virgo, is going to be the perfect way to work out what came up under the full moon. The moon and sun haven’t quite moved away from each other yet, so they’re still in the same vicinity to make those powerful vibrations from the full moon shake things up. At the same time, the Aries moon opposes Mercury and Venus in Libra, bringing the fiery connection between these two opposite signs to the fore just when a loud conversation about what happened under the full moon needs to happen. 

Aries and Libra are like an old married couple who bicker constantly; they know a relationship is stronger when you bring up conflict. Depending on how Virgo and Pisces handled themselves this full moon, they might need to take a page out of this pair’s book! In general though, this represents a pretty big elemental shift as the earth energy from Virgo season and the water energy from the Pisces full moon makes way for the fire and air signs of Aries and Libra. That means people who were affected positively by the full moon might find their challenge is tying up loose ends after it, or those who had a bad full moon experience might be able to straighten up in the aftermath better than they thought. 

Once that opposition works out in the few days after the full moon, all the inner planets will be moving into Libra for the next phase of our trip around the sun! Libra season is defined by focus on social matters and relationships, so after a month of Virgo energy you might be ready take a break from work to spend more time with your loved ones! The full moon’s Pisces influence might even have been the source of an epiphany on the subject. Not only that, but Libra season is the first month of cuffing season, so it’s fitting that the scales is the sign of romance and commitment! 

Check back soon to see our full forecast for the transits hitting us from September 23rd to October 23rd! 

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