An Incantation to Exorcise Intergenerational Ghosts

An Incantation to Exorcise Intergenerational Ghosts

Chalk lines and salt circles

Bushels of herbs

Bound and burned

Smoke to drive you out

I claim this space as mine.

The debt is paid,

Shortly after my graduation, hopefully

Eventually in therapy you’re paying for

Mostly forgotten,

Yet not forgiven 

I say I’m sorry through my teeth

It’s the right thing to do

You don’t,

I doubt you know what you did wrong

Your voice echoes in my mind

You just like to be angry

It’s hard not to be 

Vulnerability is punished

Hushed on to pages

Knife pricks fingertips

Blood drips and tears stream

The first time you said you loved me

I was 16, in a foreign country,

Talking to you over the computer

And didn’t know how to respond

You were never taught 

How to deal with an emotion

I can see it in the way you speak

Left them all by the wayside

Now they fester into anxiety

Sinking into the roots of our family tree

My catastrophization a symptom of proximity

I hope he figures out why he lies to us

It’s the only thing I can shape

With my tiny claws 

Delaying inevitable punishment

Sometimes getting away with it

Sustenance for sustenance:

Stolen wine bottles and cash for

A promise of a nice nursing home

Though you don’t know 

That’s all I’m willing to give you

A Body in Awe of Power

A Body in Awe of Power

Hands That Hold The Lyre

Hands That Hold The Lyre