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UPDATE 5/14/18: We are not considering regular reviewers at this time, except for POC reviewers. 

We ask reviewers to commit to at least one review per month. Queerly Reads reviews any genre as long as the *main* characters identity as LGBT+. 

If you're interested in becoming a reviewer, please email with the subject line "reviewer." Please paste or link (no attachments) a sample book review.

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We also accept one-time guest reviews. If you would like to submit a guest review, please email with the subject line "guest review."

Review Submissions:

If you would like to submit a book to review, please email with "book for review" in the subject line. The book can be any genre but *must* include LGBT+-identifying main characters.

We are much more likely to review your book if you include an attached review copy in your email.

We accept ebooks, physical books, links to webcomics, and self-published work. Please note that submitting a book does not guarantee it will be reviewed.