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Meet Queerly!

Our returning readers will probably recognize the image above. This banner was the header for Queerly Reads for almost two years! It saw us through our early days of reviewing queer lit, our expansion into longform esssays, and the opening of our Queerly Writes section in October of 2018 (with Tenacity’s story Alan and Alexa!). You’ll still see this header in the Queerly Reads section of the site, but you can find much more here at the new Queerly!

With the expansion of our site into Queerly Writes, we thought: why not add more verbs? We have Queerly Reads and Queerly Writes, but what about Queerly Eats, Queerly Votes, and all the other activities our contributors have to share? Now we’re here to give a platform to any writer looking for one, regardless of subject matter. Some of us here at Queerly are vegan, but this site is omnivorous!

You may be asking yourself, do I have what it takes to write for Queerly? The answer is an unconditional yes! We’re here to make it easier for queer people to find a home for their writing on the Internet. Our hope is to create a space where the boundary between reader and writer is blurred as our users make connections with each other and respond to each other’s work. If we all support each other, we can turn this site into a hub for people like us. Get involved on our Contact page!

One thing we want to be up front about is that there’s no money in Queerly right now for anyone involved. We’re in the red for the Squarespace subscription already. But in exchange we offer total creative freedom, so if you have a pitch that wouldn’t be picked up at other journalistic outlets, or a story you can’t get into a journal, you can put it here to have a link to send people so they can read the thing you’re proud of. Our longtime writers agree that Queerly’s existence has motivated them to do their best work, and that’s shown us that people do their best work when they have a place to share it. If we can be that for you, then we want to be, despite the fact that compensation isn’t foreseeable right now.

If all this sounds like your cup of tea, then check out our latest reviews, stories, or ongoing series to get to know the new Queerly!